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Rushaniya Nizamutdinova graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory as a composer and was an instructor of a "Digital technologies in music" course at TISBI University. She is a participant of international festivals, such as The sound projects festival Zeppelin 2016, 2018 (Spain (on the Internet platform)), Acousmonium (Saint-Petersburg 2018-2019), OUA-EMF 2017 (Osaka University Of Arts, Japan) Electroacoustic Music Festival, Music by women (Columbus, Mississippi, USA 2018,2019, 2020), Sound Thought (Glasgow, UK), concerts in Germany (Karlsruhe.ZKM), UK (Oscilliscope. Bangor), Syntposium 5, MusikMesse/Prolight + sound exhibition (Moscow), show (on Resonance FM, London, UK), an a winner of a number of competitions (one of which is sound programming), participant of master classes T. Gorbach (Austria) and GRM (France) (Acousmonium). Music was included in the compilation (Spain), was chosen for performance at Mixtape # IWD in Ireland (DkIT), Russian Sound Art Showcase (exhibition of multichannel works) in Berlin (Germany) in frames of Vorspiel / CTM & transmediale. Her compositions have been included in the repertoire of piano professors (Mississippi, Texas, Connecticut), different ensembles of contemporary music in Russia. Rushaniya played her music on 32-channel Acousmonium. She directs the ensemble of contemporary music and the festival of contemporary art "Spread spectrum". Music of her students was performed in Columbus (Mississippi, USA), Moscow, Saint Petersburg (Russia). Rushaniya has publications about International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music CIME-ICEM, light and music scores, etc. She is a bachelor's student in software engineering. Rushaniya writes music on commission for various projects. The main aim of her participation in different competitions and festivals is to find people who would like to invite her to write for them. 


News 2019-20

 My new piece is written especially for New York concert as part of ‘Comp/Lit’ Festival (October 3rd, 2020(West 22nd street)).

АРТ-ЦЕНТР "ПУШКИНСКАЯ 10" Лиговский пр., 53 . Музейный флигель, 3-й этаж. МУЗЕЙ ЗВУКА
Эхо фестиваля Spread spectrum. Вечер многоканального звука.
Акусматические пьесы. Лайв-электроника. Рассказ о международных проектах, авторских курсах, учениках.
R. Nizamutdinova

концерт в Национальном музее Республики татарстан

3 ноября 2019

With the Spread spectrum ensemble

R. Nizamutdinova

на фестивале Acousmonium 

Р. Низамутдинова выступит на заключительном концерте фестиваля Acousmonium на Новой сцене Александринского театра. 28 июля в концерте принимают участие представители GRM (Франция) и композиторы России. Рушания исполнит свою музыку также на artist-talk 27 июля

sound engineering


Etude №3.

I've studied the conversion of graphical images into sounds, using "Bitmaps and waves"

program. This etude is written to illustrate the scoring of images with different line width, color

intensity, continuous or dotted lines and geometric shapes to my students. This piece is a study

of the possibilities of the program.

"The sun".

The main parts of my work were modified in various programs (Reaper,Spear, etc.): stretched in

time, changed the pitch, separated an individual timbre, partially combined with the original

sound, etc. This way I drew the reflection of sun in water and change of its color .


The piece was created with five different programs.The main part of my work, and also the basic timbre

has been created in Pure Data by combining and processing the sounds of different groups of

oscillators.I modified parts of this work in various programs (Reaper,Spear, etc.): stretched in time,

changed the pitch,separated an individual timbre, partially combined with the original sound, etc.

The idea for my composition: maintaining rational thinking in complex emotional

situations,immersion in a sadness and going out of it. The desire for monotimbral music is a

consequence of the idea of composition.


The main timbre of my work made in Pure data by adding oscillators and effects. It was modified in

Spear: stretched in time, changed the pitch, partially combined with the original sound, etc. This piece is

dedicated to long ways and travels to cities and countries, to technical means and equipment for

navigation or routing, to lighthouses and guiding stars, and to that what do you want to find in travel.

Everyone has a different imagination. Also, this is a piece about the journey through the inner

consciousness of a person. The ability to bypass the obstacles created by ourselves. To find the right

way. To find the strength to show someone else the way.)

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